Will Fawcett

With 14 years of hunting guide experience in North America and 8 years doing the same in Africa, you could say that Will truly eats, sleeps, and breathes hunting. The thrill of the hunt never gets old, but what really drew him in was the opportunity to meet and work with so many different people.

“A good guide doesn’t adjust their clients to a certain way of hunting, they adjust the hunt to the clients,” Will says of his hunting philosophy. “Each hunt is different because each client is different- and I have had the great privilege to guide hundreds of successful hunts and meet many incredible people along the way.”

Will has been hunting himself since the age of 12, but hunting has been a family tradition as long as he remembers. When he was too young to accompany them, he’d spend hours patiently waiting by the door for his dad and uncle to return with their bounty. To Will, there is no ‘work’ and ‘outside of work’- just a good old fashioned love for the outdoors. Texas born and bred, he knows the state and its animals like his own family history- and studied it further getting his degree in Wildlife Management here as well.

Get to know Will

What is your favorite thing about being a hunting guide?

Introducing new hunters and kids to the sport is my absolute favorite thing about the job. I am extremely blessed to be a part of accomplishing a dream that some people have had for decades, and to be a part of the memories that will last them a lifetime.

What’s the biggest trophy you’ve ever gotten?

The biggest trophy I have ever personally harvested was an Aoudad sheep.  It was a fantastic walk and stalk hunt with one of my best friends. Honestly, it’s a hunt that we’d been trying to do together for 7 years. On that particular day, we packed a lunch and headed into the foggy/misty mountains at first light.  Around 1:30 pm we finally found a bachelor group of big rams and were able to harvest two incredible trophies, one for each of us.  We got back to the truck around 5 pm wet, tired, and about as happy as either of us had ever been. Not because we had shot two great animals, but because we had done it together and worked our butts off to accomplish it.

What’s your favorite type of hunt?

Get asked this question a lot. Honestly there is no set answer. Every hunt is special in its own way.  Really don’t have a “favorite” hunt, again, I have been fortunate enough to have many very special hunts with some fantastic people.

What do you like to do outside of work?

There is an outside of work?? Lol. Like most hunters, I really enjoy anything I can do outdoors while spending time with the people closest to me.