Arabian Oryx

The Lone Oak Difference:

Strikingly unique horns that shoot straight up, oryx are one species of antelope that has been a prize trophy for centuries. Unlike the “ranches” that provide a tiny enclosure with a handful of oryx for you to corner- LONE OAK takes you on a real adventure trekking through Texas wilderness. You come back with a hard-earned trophy, irreplaceable memories, and new friendships that will last a lifetime.

What’s Included:

  • Deliciously prepared meals & non-alcoholic beverages
  • Luxury lodging at our ranches
  • Field prep and trophy processing
  • Good ol’ fashioned camp fire bonding
For added convenience, we are equipped to provide you with a firearm if necessary. However, archery equipment is unavailable at this time. Transportation to a local meat processor and a reputable taxidermist is available upon request.

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Living Waters Ranch

Nestled in the south Texas scrub overlooking Texas Hill wine country lies Living Waters Ranch. This perfect getaway feature the guided Arabian Oryx trophy hunt as well as non-hunting activities ensure the entire family has the time of their life. Our Lodge features over 10,000 square feet of luxury waiting to pamper you.

Cenizo Ranch

A family tradition for three generations, the Cenizo Ranch brings a unique skills to guide your party throughout the vast wilderness. Both native and exotic species roam the vast landscape surrounding the cozy, 1,200 square foot camp which easily accommodates 8 people for a warm, comfortable retreat at the end of a day.

Lipan Springs

Located deep in the southern rolling hills of Texas brush country, lies this classic western style lodge. The laid-back feel with communal dining gives a welcoming and relaxed ambiance for up to 10 hunting lodge guests, featuring private access to 2 large spring fed lakes and low pressure hunting areas for some of the best hunts in Texas.

Arabian Oryx

(Oryx leucoryx)

The name is as mystical as it’s looks - the Arabian Oryx is truly a magnificent animal to behold like the contented protege mythical unicorn of Aristotle. The Arabian oryx was nearly extinct in the early 1970’s, but thanks in large part to zoos and conservation efforts – as well as private preserves – the Arabian Oryx has bounced back and reintroduced into its natural desert habitat.

Created for desert living, the stunning brilliant white coat of the Arabian Oryx reflects the sun’s powerful rays to keep them cool. In the winter, the Arabian Oryx can erect its heavy coat to draw in heat. A unmistakeable shoulder bump, sleek black legs and face markings, tufted tail and tall horns makes this exotic antelope stand out in a crowd – and fits right in to the plains of Texas!