Types of Texan Terrian: Hill Country

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Types of Texan Terrain: Hill Country

Being situated in the southwest, it’s a common misconception that Texas is composed of flat lands, sand, and cacti. Nothing could be further from the truth! From the lush hardwood forests to subtropical marshlands, Texas encompasses an impressive diversity of landscape unlike any other state. This wide variety of landscape is what makes Texas the best state for hunting exotic trophies.


The Geography

Rugged limestone hills, mysterious caverns, and an enormous granite dome. The stunning area known as the Texas Hill Country is a breathtaking portion of central Texas. Borne of former plateaus, the unique hill country is distinguished from the other landform types by the tall limestone and granite hills, reaching to over five hundred feet above the plains. Many of the enigmatic caverns, with the impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites, form interconnecting aquifers.

The surrounding valleys and springs provide natural watering holes as well as moisture for the grasslands that surround the rugged hills and rocky escarpments. Unlike the name implies, the Texas Hill Country flourishes with plains grasses, scrub bushes, refreshing shade trees – and an unforgettable, breathtaking display of wildflowers that bloom in the spring and summer.


The Game

Many native and exotic species thrive side-by-side on the ranches of the unique Texas Hill Country. With origins from rocky or desert locations, the distinctive topography of Texas – and careful exotic wildlife management – encourage these exotic creatures to breed and thrive, allowing our hunters access to some of the most coveted and challenging trophies in the world.

Exotic Deer: From the elegant Axis to the powerful Sika, exotic deer thrive in the grassy plains of the rugged Hill Country. Traveling in herds of varying sizes, these exotic deer often mingle around watering holes or while grazing. However, don’t let their calm demeanor fool you! At the hint of an intruder, what looks like a group of animals grazing and resting can instantly turn into an amazing choreographed evacuation, with each deer moving with their own herd in its own direction.

Gemsbok: This antelope weighs in at over 600 pounds – and has the breathtaking agility of a cat. Perfectly suited for the Texas Hill Country, the tan and black Gemsbok is easy to spot – and with their keen eyesight, they’ve already spotted you! Tall and powerful, this antelope move across the grassy and hilly plains with ease. Starting with a good deal of patience, and some skill thrown in for good measure, the Gemsbok is an exciting hunt that will make you work for the stunning trophy.

Oryx: Bred as desert nomads, the exotic breeds of Oryx have found a new home in the Texas Hill Country – and are considered one of the top trophies across the world. With careful wildlife management, our herds are in top physical health and flourishing. Both the Arabian and Scimitar Horned Oryx thrive across this unique landscape. Stalking the Oryx through the Texas Hill Country will hone your hunting skills – and the impressive antlers make for an extraordinary trophy!

Mountain Goats: As expert climbers, mountain goats are at home on granite and limestone escarpments, so it’s little surprise that the Aoudad, Iranian Red, Catalina, and Mouflon are all accustomed to the Hill Country. With agility that defies their size – and gravity – the mountain goats and sheep are a worthy trophy for the skilled hunter.

The Guides

When it comes to tracking across the Texas Hill Country, it’s all about the experience. Lone Oak Adventures is proud to be associated with some of the most experienced tracking guides in the country.

James Bray: Like all expert guides, Jim started hunting as a boy, giving him a lifetime of practical experience coupled with his professional experience to guide even the most novice hunter to a successful trophy.

Will Fawcett: An experienced guide across North America and Africa, Will brings experience with a wide variety of exotics and hunting styles to every hunt to ensure every expedition brings back the coveted trophy.

Daniel Bristow: A Texas native, Daniel has hunted native and exotics across Texas and around the world. With a unique talent for guiding novice hunters, there’s no challenge too big for the beginner hunter to track – and bag!

At Lone Oak Adventures, we believe in personalized service from the moment you step onto one of our ranches. From the exotic game to the expert guides, Lone Oak Adventures creates a lifetime of memories – and a once in a lifetime trophy hunt!

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